Your Healing Begins

Heart Centered Reiki is an energy healing modality that anyone can learn, no matter what your background or experience. Now being enjoyed in over 60 countries by many students, you too can benefit from this transformative course.  


* Learn from home

*Work at your own pace.

*Enjoy flexible learning.

*Engage in fun assignments.

*Be a certified Reiki practitioner


Heart-Centered Reiki Levels 1-4

Reiki Level 1 invites you to build a healing relationship with yourself through self healing. Heal through personal reflection exercises, guided meditations, hands on exercises and learning the Reiki hand positions for self healing.

Reiki Level 2 invites you to expand your healing gifts by learning to channel energy for the healing of others. Here you will receive three Reiki symbols to support you in that journey,as you learn to channeled healing to the past, present and future, emotionally, metally, physically and spiritually. 

Reiki Level 3/4 invites you to step into the role of Master Teacher, expanding the possibilities for healing with the Master Symbol. Stepping into the path of Reiki Master is learning to master all the tools and spiritual gifts of healing that you have now awakened within you. 


Student Testimonials


The Heart Centered Reiki Course was an amazing experience! Leslie is a very intuitive facilitator, teacher and mentor. She knew exactly what insights to bring to each and every student.  I truly enjoyed her uniquely channeled course of Heart-Centered Reiki!

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Working with intuitive teacher and Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher, Leslie Paramore, has changed my life. I learned how to let go of self doubt and fear and discovered the power of self-healing. It excited me to know I have the ability to channel this beautiful loving energy to others. I am now using this healing modality to work with children, animals and people who are transitioning from this life to the next. 

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I am 77 years old and I found out that it is never too late to heal the deepest emotional and physical parts of ourselves. I took Heart Centered Reiki Level One, and I was so surprised to discover that I had a natural ability toward healing. I learned about my own healing energy and how I can direct it toward myself.

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As a Health & Wellness Coach for well over 25 years, my experience with Heart Centered Reiki was not only applicable and informative, but also, life changing. Experiencing the healing energy and learning about other ways that I could continue to support individuals on their path to wellness was a wonderful addition to my already amazing career!   

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Our In Person Classes

Hatha Class

Our In Person Classes


Leslie Paramore also teaches in person classes!  

*Discounts available for preexisting groups of 5 students or more.  



Levels 1-4 "Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher"




Personal Mentoring

Personal Mentoring

Leslie Paramore provides personal one on one mentoring as you experience Heart Centered Reiki Training through our online course. To arrange personal mentoring for the online course, submit your written request to:

$50 per one hour phone consultation 


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