"This is am excellent match as I have done Leslie's Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher Course, that I practice daily     and was looking for a Chakra course to do."

"Leslie's Heart Centered Reiki course goes above and beyond my expectations. While clear and concise, it's also in-depth and helpful. There's just the right amount of information in each section and it flows seamlessly. All in all, the best course I've taken on Udemy. Thank you so much Leslie." Love and gratitude. Adam

"Leslie is a wonderful teacher and I am already learning so much more on a heart and soul level. I am already a Reiki Master/Teacher and Master, but I felt drawn to take this heart-centered Reiki course. It is not only taking me even deeper in Reiki, but it reaffirms what I already know or even forgotten. I highly recommend this course to all interested or feel a calling to Reiki. Thank you so much Leslie. I can't wait to learn more!" Penny

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